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des Franco-Ontariennes

Historique du cercle de Crysler (a quick Google translation - to be verified)

In April 1964, under the proposal of Mrs. Jeanne Charette, seconded by Ms. Odette Godard, it was decided to hold an informational meeting to establish a circle of the Catholic Union of Farm Women in Crysler. At this meeting, several Officers of the movement are present, including Miss Estelle Huneault, President General, Mrs. Adelard Lauzon, executive vice president and president of the circle of St. Albert, Mrs. Fernand Rochon, Secretary General, Ms. Ambrose Arcand, Director Sector No. 1, Ms. Jean-Maurice Lavergne and Romeo Sanchez of St. Albert. This is also the pastor Louis Leon Binet, pastor Clarence Creek and Chaplain General of the FCU for Ontario.

A temporary committee was elected: Odette Godard, President; Emma Hebert, Vice-President; Thérèse St-Pierre, Secretary-Treasurer; Simone Lafleche Jeanne Charette and Lucille Lafrance guidelines.

The circle of Crysler is the first of the Diocese of Alexandria to organize. At its inception, October 20, 1964, 22 ladies pay their dues. Father Réal Gagnon agrees to be the chaplain of the circle and encourages women to take part. It was decided to keep the same committee that had taken charge of first meetings. At the December meeting, we can count 53 members.

In 1965, among the activities included participation in the preparation of the first Winter Carnival in the parish as well as the Harvest Dinner, which have become traditional events, the foundation of a 4H Club of domestic economy, the circle participates in the Ottawa Exhibition, Parade de la St-Jean Baptiste, also participating in the fundraising campaign for Cancer, in addition to the purchase of a loom and crafts courses.

In 1967, the circle of Crysler, chaired by Simone Lafleche Bourdeau wins the trophy for the highest percentage of attendance at meetings during the year. This same feat was repeated for the year 1968-1969 under the chairmanship of Lucille Lafrance. That same year, Lucille Lafrance attends general statements that take place in Montreal.

In March 1967, at the sector meeting held in Crysler, Simone Lafleche was elected Area Director. She was re-elected to that post March 29, 1968. In October of that year, Lucille Lafrance was elected director and head of education at the regional conference held in Marionville.

In 1968, the members take the initiative to organize a prayer vigil where a deceased person in the parish. In February of that year, several members attending the Agricultural Show held at the Maurice Richard Arena in Montreal.

In 1969, several members attend the provincial conference, Intercultural Orillia. At the regional conference held in St. Albert in June 1969, Simone was elected regional president Lafleche, a position she held until 1972 and Lucille Lafrance, Area Director. Lucille Lafrance was reelected to this position at the sector meeting held in Crysler March 23, 1971. Lucille Lafrance served as vice-president from 1971 to 1973.

As part of centenary celebrations of the parish of Crysler, 30 June 1970, the circle of Crysler is hosting the regional conference.

Lucille Lafrance was appointed Superintendent in charge of the French section of the crafts exhibits in the Central Canada Exhibition in Ottawa in 1972. Simone Lafleche is named assistant. They occupy these positions until 1986. As part of the Central Canada Exhibition in Ottawa in 1973, Lucille Lafrance and Simone Laflèche the challenge of organizing the members of the Circle of Crysler and circles of the region, a fashion show presented in the Day of women. The parade is a phenomenal success.

Lucille Lafrance, elected regional president in 1974, set up the publishing of the newspaper La Ruche as a project for the Russell-Carleton, Stormont. This publication is in its liability for a period of 12 consecutive years, until 1986.

In 1976, having established a regional ACFO action committee on health services in French, Simone Quesnel Lafleche and Janine are delegated to the committee.

At the provincial congress held in Smooth Rock Falls, in September 1977, the Lucille Lafrance was elected provincial president, a position she held until 1980. Simone Lafleche is named provincial secretary for the same period.

In May 1978, Noel C. Benoit was appointed regional secretary for the Russell-Carleton Stormont, a position she held until May 1981.

In 1979, Crysler UCFO celebrates 15 years. On this occasion, we see among others the presence of the founder, Dr. Joan Charette and first president, Mrs. Odette Godard. The most notable winner at this event is, without doubt, Juliette Champagne, who attended all meetings of the circle since its founding in 1964.

During the visit of Pope John Paul II in Ottawa in September 1984, the circle of Crysler delegate some members volunteer to care for lost children on the site.

In 1985, a nomination committee is formed under the supervision of Noel C. Benoit.

Janine Quesnel was named provincial secretary in 1985, a position she held until Congress in August 1986.

At the regional conference held in Sarsfield, in May 1986, Lucille Lafrance was elected Vice-President and Juliette Champagne, responsible information and publicity.

In June 1986, the President, Noel C. Benoit makes a point to attend the awards ceremony of the School Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Crysler. She also participates in grant awards and diplomas from high schools Tagwi (in June) and Casselman (in November).

In January 1987, a night of drug information is held in Crysler, following the steps of Maria Theresa Sabourin. The guest speaker was Constable Michel Laplante of the drug section in Ottawa. Also in January 1987, "Block Parent Program of Crysler" is created, sponsored by the UCFO. A committee was formed on January 27. This is Noel C. Benoi (Chair), JoAnne Lapensée (Treasurer), Joanne Lee (secretary) and Fleurette Christmas (school representative).

On March 23, 1987, The Course Odyssey "begins at Crysler. The course was developed by JoAnne Lapensée and 50 women follow.

Noella Briere circle Crysler was elected director of the No. 1 industry in the sector meeting held in Embrun, April 2, 1987.

Since its founding, the circle wins trophies for participation in the following exhibitions:

  • 1977 Regional Exhibition of Agriculture

  • 1978 Regional Exhibition (Merit artisanal)

  • 1981 Central Canada Exhibition
    Regional Exhibition (Crafts)

  • 1983 Central Canada Exhibition

  • 1984 Central Canada Exhibition
    Regional Exhibition (Crafts)